Wild Life Land

Game breeding was started at the farm in 1995 with six wild boar sows and one adult male. At that time the fenced area was 2,5 hectares.

At the moment Wild Life Land – Villieläinmaa is Finland’s largest game farm with its 65 hectares of fenced area. The environmental aspects have been taken into consideration by securing an environmental permit for the game breeding. There are hundreds of thoroughbred wild boars and a herd of American bisons. Even more fenced area has been made for fallow deers and red deers. The farm locates in beautiful rural setting by the Lake Pieni-Juminen in Varpaisjärvi.

We manufacture wild boar meat into various products, which are sold directly from the farm. There are two Laplander’s huts at the farm, in which a meal can be served for 120 people at the same time. The menu includes wild boar in many dishes. From the farm shop the visitors can purchase different kinds of home-coming gifts.

The farm visit can be included to Your round trip or can be arranged as a snowmobile or all terrain vehicle excursion for example from the holiday resort Tahkovuori.

The Wild Life Land is a unique place in Finland because of its size and the amount of the game. Closest corresponding farms are in Ahvenanmaa and in Sweden, next closest comparable attractions are found further in Central Europe. 

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